About Us

Mr Wolf’s Story

Daniel Richardson (Partner, Executive Chef), started to play with the freshest flavors of the season to create our unique recipes and waffles since October 2010 when Arman Sen (Partner, CEO) started to fold the waffles with the freshest ideas in the century to create our unique business model. In August 2011 Mr. Wolf opened the doors of the first Waffle & Wolf to provide our guests a “refined fast food” experience in a cozy corner restaurant in Williamsburg.

Name and Logo

Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like a Wolf,” song is the inspiration for our name. That’s why Mr. Wolf is howling at the moon made of a waffle in our logo. He knows what he wants.

Mr. Wolf’s mission & vision

Be local! Stay local!       

Waffle & Wolf is a fast growing food business keeping the highest food quality and customer satisfaction consistent with innovative entrepreneurial strategies.

Mr. Wolf dreams of growing with its own local environment with neighbors, local artists, freelancers, creators, activists, organizers, producers, students, mentors, sportsmen, foodies and especially those little people – babies and kids – with their moms. To Inspire and to get inspiration! Touching everything around us. Improving our business with all the families in the hood. Providing the best for local demands with local solutions and supporting each other.

To understand more!


Waffle & Wolf is a “refined fast food” restaurant serving gourmet waffle sandwiches.


Waffle & Wolf serves nontraditional waffles folded with house made ingredients and fresh seasonal produce as unique gourmet sandwiches designed by our chef. We named them “CRAVINGS“. They are for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We serve our cravings with our house made juices, organic teas and organic coffees.


We have three types of waffles: REGULAR, CORNBREAD and BUCKWHEAT. Our regular waffle recipe has been crafted in an American style but with less sugar to balance with both our sweet and savory signature waffles. The cornbread waffle is styled after southern cornbread and is gluten-free. The buckwheat waffle recipe has been created to provide an alternative option to the regular. The recipe is vegan, gluten-free, contains no major allergens, and has a whole wheat taste.

We pride ourselves in carrying a variety of unique house made items.

*All our recipes have been created by our Chef and are company trade secrets.

Social Responsibilities / Sponsorships / Volunteering

Mr. Wolf enjoys helping local and global projects, events, festivals, art shows, organizations, charities and schools. Collaborating ideas, sharing, supporting, and announcing them is our duty.